Add charcoal to your weight-reduction plan … as you hear it;)

Neither that of the Magi nor that of the Conchita mine … however be careful as a result of the coal fever is coming and I’m already attempting it.

I admit that I used to be the primary to giggle when Gwyneth paltrow claimed that charcoal juice was helpful to well being. It might have been the title, or imagining myself ingesting one thing black, but it surely appeared loopy to me.

Detox carbon juice

Nevertheless, throughout this yr, there are various advantages which have been found concerning the activated charcoal that it has nothing to do with the one we think about within the first occasion, and that’s extracted from the shell of the coconut.

The Activated Charcoal It’s the largest pure absorbent that exists and is used to get rid of unhealthy substances (micro organism, toxins and gases) from the physique, stopping their absorption.

On this manner, what activated charcoal does is create a protecting movie within the gut that decreases the absorption of poisons, fat, sugars and gases, making, for instance, that after consuming we now have much less bloated abdomen.

I used to be already drawn to this (and extra so now that I’ve began to maintain myself slightly extra significantly), however ingesting coal juice didn’t persuade me, why idiot us.

Activated Charcoal Tablets

Fortunately I’ve gotten all the advantages however taking it in tablets, that are additionally simpler to hold in your bag in case you have a meal out or are going to “sin” slightly with some extra.

The way to take it

Take 1 capsule with water (they don’t advise taking it with one other drink) half an hour earlier than meals.

If you’re taking any medicine, so as to not lower its effectiveness, it’s higher to depart an interval of three hours between the charcoal pill and the medicine.


Every capsule accommodates 250 mg of charcoal, 100 mg of soy lecithin, 100 mg of magnesium carbonate and 50 mg of inexperienced anise.


The value of the bottle with 36 capsules is 15 euros and they’re offered here.

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