Curvitude, the “crooked” eyeliner from Maybelline NY

To tell you the truth, when he acquired dwelling I assumed he had hit the courier agency and it was broken … nevertheless no.

The most recent launch from Maybelline NY is a curved eyeliner: Curvitude.Curvitude Maybelline NY - Eyeliner - Makeup

The thought is that it is easier to make use of, attain the corners of the eye that worth basically probably the most and that the street is additional precise.

Curvitude Maybelline NY - Eyeliner - Makeup

The fact is that after attempting it, I will inform you that I really feel it is a good eyeliner, nevertheless I’ve not benefited from having that type.

I suggest, it seems to me that it has the pigmentation that I like, an intense black, the street is good and the size too, nevertheless the reality that it is curved does not seem to me to be so, so, so useful.

In any case, for decrease than 8 euros it seems like a implausible product.

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