Giorgio Armani’s lipstick

Girogio Armani Matte red lipstick

There could also be nothing that excites me additional in regards to the arrival of autumn than the make-up novelties and significantly, me, the purple lipsticks.

My latest discovery is called ROUGE D’ARMANI MATTE and it is, as a result of the title suggests, a matte lipstick with spectacular reds.

It ensures depth (as a lot as 50% additional pigment), long-lasting and absolute comfort as a consequence of “oil fillers” that do not depart a dry sensation.

Girogio Armani Matte red lipstick

Its methodology, together with moisturizing brokers corresponding to jojoba oil, incorporates spherical powders that create a filling impression and acquire a totally seductive consequence.

Girogio Armani Matte red lipstick

Obtainable in 18 shades: pinks, oranges and intense reds:

KNOTS: No. 100 Pores and pores and skin, No. 102 Androgino, No. 103 Downtown

BROWN: No. 200 Diva, No. 201 Nightberry

CORALS: No. 300 Tangerine, No. 301 Amber

RED: No. 400 4 Hundred, No. 401 Crimson Fireplace, No. 402 Crimson-To-Go, No. 403 Lucky Crimson

ROSES: No. 500 Fatale, No. 501 Milano, No. 502 Kimono, No. 503 Pastel Glow, No. 504 Russian Rose, No. 506 Maharajah

PLUM: No. 600 Perspective

Girogio Armani Matte red lipstick

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