L’Absolu Rouge Ruby de Lancôme … the ultimate phrase lipstick?

L'Absolu Rouge Ruby LANCOME - Lipstick

From lipsticks, we ask for an rising variety of.

We wanted lipsticks with intense colors, then we would have liked them to last on the lips and resist all of the items. Then we would have liked them to even be cosy and by no means make us choose between interval and creaminess. We dreamed of lipsticks that had all of it … and the enterprise gave it to us.

So we couldn’t take into consideration too many enhancements until she arrived. L’Absolu Rouge Ruby LANCOME arrived, «the jewel lipstick«.

L'Absolu Rouge Ruby LANCOME - Lipstick

Impressed by the sample of using gems, therapeutic crystals and mineral stones in magnificence rituals, it is not solely a jewel on the floor (its kind simulates a ruby) nevertheless on the inside since its system is enriched with gems and tourmaline to current it precisely resistance and an intense shade. Tourmaline microcrystals mirror mild in a spectacular technique.

I’ve had the prospect to attempt it and I’ve fallen asleep at amount 2.

L'Absolu Rouge Ruby LANCOME - Lipstick

Nonetheless this time I am telling you that every one the colors (there are 15) are spectacular and appetizing. They often all disguise a story behind:

  • Shade # 131 Crimson Flame Ruby: is the title of the ruby ​​that broke info. Burmese porcenter, at 15 carats, purchased for $ 18 million at public sale at Christie’s.
  • # 536 Black Prince Ruby: the massive, irregular 170-carat ruby ​​found on the doorway of the Imperial Crown of the State of England.
  • # 473 Rubiez: Appointed by Zendaya, Lancôme’s new ambassador, he modified the letter ‘s’ to his lucky letter ‘z’ (although it made me additional humorous to imagine he was referring to blondes and “blonde”).

L'Absolu Rouge Ruby LANCOME - Lipstick

In my bag there could also be already shade amount 2, Ruby Queen (a darker pink nevertheless with a extremely good orange contact, I am not a variety of orange tones) and 01 Unhealthy Blood Ruby (the pink par excellence, the title already says so all of the items).

That’s 02:

L'Absolu Rouge Ruby LANCOME - Lipstick

Its value is 35 euros and you will find them in perfumeries and buying services. And, I don’t say one thing, nevertheless the unhealthy tongues say that they will fly …

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