Spring asthenia or lack of magnesium?

Spring is coming and it’s laborious for us to adapt … tiredness, melancholy, irregular sleep, lack of motivation, urge for food, irritability, … aside from the shortage of urge for food, it occurs to me yearly.

“That is spring asthenia,” anybody you inform will inform you … nevertheless it’s not all “due to spring.”

There may be at all times half as a result of adaptation of the physique to the rise in daytime, the rise in temperatures, the modifications in schedule … however generally, this fatigue will also be as a result of lack of magnesium, a mineral of which an estimated 70% of the inhabitants has deficiencies.

Along with forgetfulness, studying difficulties, and muscle cramps, one of many clear signs of magnesium deficiency is fatigue.

That’s the reason it might be advisable to take a magnesium complement, if that is your case.

Arkovital magnesium

I’m taking an Arkovital complement proper now that mixes magnesium from plant sources but in addition from “sea lettuce” extracted from sea water, which is without doubt one of the richest meals sources of this mineral that exists.

However above all I take it as a result of, along with nutritional vitamins B6, B1, B2 and B5, it has a composition that, with out losing interest with scientific knowledge, ensures its appropriate absorption and improves its assimilation by 154%.

It additionally has the seal of natural agriculture and doesn’t comprise chemical elements.

Its worth is 11.90 euros (30 tablets). As it’s important to take one a day, it could be a month’s remedy. In case of fatigue or extreme stress, you possibly can take one within the morning and one at night time.

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