The big secret to (truly) conceal darkish circles

One in every of many biggest discoveries years prior to now to applicable / conceal darkish circles was by the use of Bobbi Brown.

In Spain, we’re nonetheless talking about “Corrector for darkish circles” as a single product, however, a couple of years prior to now I suggested you regarding the error that this entailed.

Numerous you ask me about concealers for darkish circles, plenty of you confess that you just use highlighters harking back to Touche Eclat to aim to hide them (successfully I confess that in case of emergency I moreover do it), nevertheless few of the two merchandise that make-up artists truly use. conceal darkish circles: the concealer and the concealer itself.

What does it embody?

I will start by saying that we’re talking about bluish, darkish circles beneath the eyes. We’re not talking about baggage or wrinkles throughout the eyes. We talk about hiding or concealing darkish circles.

For this, Bobbi Brown (and throughout the US just about everyone) apply two merchandise:


What the corrector does, logically, is CORRECT, particularly, take away that bluish shade from the darkish circles. Reverse to what we count on, the concealer typically has a reddish tone, one factor darkish.

Bobbi Brown concealer

It is about making use of reverse colors and thus eradicating the color of the darkish circle.


What the concealer does is “reconcile” (okay, I admit, I can’t take into account a better translation …), that is, make that darkish tone of the concealer with which we have neutralized the color of the darkish circles, “make up” Y seems to be like a bit additional similar to the pores and pores and skin or the make-up base that we use.

That is, the fitting issue to do may be to look at two steps: conceal the darkish circles after which positioned on make-up.

Sadly we regularly stick with the second step and, although in not too extreme circumstances it is likely to be adequate, within the occasion you truly want to conceal the darkish circles, it’s worthwhile to consider every steps.

Luckily, there are merchandise for us to start using with out being specialists.

East bobbi brown kit it is good if you need to buy every merchandise. It’s pretty plenty of years earlier nevertheless I’ve by no means found a better one since then:

Concealer Bobbi BrownAnd if what you is likely to be looking for is a concealer, that’s moreover top-of-the-line because of it would not crack (and no wrinkles appear when it dries):

Bobbi Brown concealer

In case you aren’t very used to it however, I prefer to advocate one different of Bobbi Brown’s best-selling merchandise, which is a serum that also corrects. On this implies, you apply treatment, applicable and then you definately undoubtedly merely apply the concealer (what plenty of you title, sorry, we regularly title “corrector”) and voila.

Bobbi Brown Correcting Serum

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