The black lipstick costume

Chameleon lipstick

I will let you know the reality: I put this lipstick within the automotive as a result of, as a result of its format, it was the one one which didn’t soften within the warmth.

It instantly grew to become the lipstick (or lipstick) that I used after I left house with out portray my lips (one thing incomprehensible for months however now after I put on a masks I generally do) and it amazed me that regardless of not being a purple colour of which I like a lot, it favored rather a lot.

The opposite day I used to be shocked when a buddy informed me that she could not stay with out a lipstick and all of the sudden she took this very stick out of her bag.

And why do I let you know? As a result of it has a reasonably flattering impartial tone that highlights the lip colour however favors blondes and brunettes. With good purpose for the model, Camaleón, is the “fundamental colour” (Fundamental Coloration).

The fixation can also be fairly good and the length too. Let it stain the masks a little bit bit however it lasts and lasts for a very long time.

It has a worth of 9.90 euros and you’ll find it on the model’s web site:

As I informed you within the title of the publish, it appears to me the standard product to at all times have readily available, for any event and above all, to hold within the automotive if, like me, now with a masks, you paint your lips on the final second; )

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