YSL reinvents lipstick with The Slim

It seems that evidently YSL has bought right down to make us fall in love with every make-up product they launch, nonetheless this lipstick issue is extreme.

Sooner than the summer season we knew the data that the mannequin would launch this fall and take into account me that this bar stayed in my head as one in all many requirements.

Not solely are colors to take away the sense, with reds and raspberries that are already amongst my favorites, however moreover, the texture is snug, cozy and the top is matte. Like leather-based. Incredible.

I have been able to try tone 26, a spectacular crimson nonetheless these three are those who I really feel are closest to what’s my favorite lipstick up to now (discontinued and about to run out …).

It permits a really perfect software program that does not crack the lips and leaves them utterly outlined. Lasts prolonged with the extraordinary color.

The tones are:
drawback your limits.
# 1 Rouge Extravagant
# 2 Uncommon Orange
# 3 Orange Illusion
No. 4 Fuchsia Excentrique
# 5 Peculiar Pink
# 6 Nu Insolite
# 7 Rose Oxymore
No. 8 Reverse Fuchsia
# 9 Purple Enigma
No. 10 Corail Antinomique
# 11 Ambiguous Beige
# 12 Nu Incongru
# 13 Distinctive Coral
# 14 Rose Curieux
No. 15 Fuchsia Atypique
# 16 Rosewood Oddity
# 17 Nude Antonym
# 18 Reverse Purple
# 19 Rose Absurde
No. 20 Carmine Catch
# 21 Rouge Paradoxe
# 22 Ironic Burgundy
# 23 Thriller Purple
# 24 Unusual Rose

and a restricted model shade (oh my god, one amongst my favorites), impressed by the mannequin of the long-lasting Black Opium, with a glitter-wrapped lipstick: # 25 Black Opium Collector.

The worth is spherical 36 euros, nonetheless I assure you that it is a bar which will drive you crazy (while you like mate).

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